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My biggest turn off a guy with what would be a great big beautiful but he doesn't even trim his pubes let alone shave them and his hairy balls have been roasting in there own stinky sweat that has no way to ventilate with all that hair insulating them, Acock just looks so much more appetizing shaved, then I just might suck it until you have me stop because you have been completely drained of all your sweet man nectar but that long thick smooth looks special ordered for delivery to the bottom of my throat.yummy

Being dominated for sure, especially by a female because I never have, honestly I am open to a world of possibilities. I have an open mind and willingness to try anything only two restrictions nothing so painful that its actual not pleasureful any more. A little pain mixed in with pleasure is good, straight pain does not sound attractive to me. Also nothing too disgusting.uuhh make me sick I am not into play, but would like to try some water sports some time. Not into foot play but if you have clean feet I'll suck your toes. I guess you could say I can be very dirty but prefer that everything is the cleanest dirty possible.

Ok I don't know if this would exactly be a fetish or fantasy but I do fantasize about it, but I am very nervously and kind of hesitantly enticed to being dominated but not just dominated my master is gonna turn me out and pimp sissy and mouth even though I'm noticeably scared he has my and mouth used again and again guy after guy and groups of them using me anyway they want and cumming in me on me allover me pulling their right out of my and quickly stuffing it to the bottom of my throat and flooding it full of their cum and making me suck them clean, and when they're done master puts me back in the small cage or chained to the foot of his bed cold and naked and used he keeps me locked away in until it's time to use me again. Also I fantasize about being with a bi or lesbian girl who loves my femininity and trains me to be more and more of a lady, and I would at the same time literally be becoming more and more of a lady through hormone replacement and possibly breast augmentation, some electrolysis to get rid of what very little body hair I have until I was fully transformed and the man I was is far gone stopping only short of an actual sex change, I would keep my and everyone would think we are just to hot lesbian girls but the one bit of my masculinity she liked I would keep and we would make hot soft sensual girl on girl love tenderly caressing each others bodies, but I'd be a girl who could squirt and deep inside your delicious wet I would. Jesselyn badmum livejasmin torrent Jesselyn brittanycutie mfc Jesselyn videos de 1to1hornycandy Jesselyn donnadoll4u porn Jesselyn apk "index of" Jesselyn 000maryxxx записи приватов


I am quite versatile and can be used in so many different ways. I'm a bisexual cross dresser and I'm a total cum slut bottom for the fellas, can bottom for ladies too if they wanna strap one on. Or I could be your lesbian lover with my own built in strap on. Or I could be a quite masculine man and ask around I know my way around a can get them so wet. Now fellas look at my hot little tight and sexy legs, probably sexier than your gf's you can bend me over from the back and make me moan and quiver by thrusting your big powerful into to me. You love the way I can deep throat all of you long hard thick, you wish you're girl would take it all down like that and I actually enjoy it, enjoy it I love it and will swallow it down to the last delicious drop.

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